Wildlife Trips and Tours

The following tour operators will collect you from Tobermory. For all trips and tours outside Tobermory please click here.


Mull Magic Wildlife

Mull Magic offers a wide variety of walks and tours throughout the year. Most of the walks are either easy or moderately graded, although the Mountain Magic experience provides more of a challenge. READ MORE

Tel: 01688 301213 or 07923 153976
Email: enquiries@mullmagic.com
Web: http://www.mullmagic.com/

Nature Scotland

Nature Scotland is an eco-tourism company based in Tobermory on the Island of Mull. Our aim is to provide educational wildlife tours that will enhance our guest’s experience of the natural heritage on the west coast of Scotland. We introduce our clients to the magnificant wildlife species which inhabit the island of Mull and the Ardnamurchan peninsula. We want our guests to go away after a tour with increased knowledge, curiosity and admiration for the natural world and with more urgency to promote and preserve it. READ MORE

Tel:01688 302875
Email: info@naturescotland.com & info@exploremull.com
Web: http://www.naturescotland.com