A Balamory Christmas

On the 6th November 2003, the cast and film crew returned to Tobermory to film the Christmas edition of Balamory. Below are some images from the filming and a bit about the scenes. Before showing you some of the images of the production, let me show you a few of the really important images that we, as residents, observed. The most important ones to us were the ones were the cast got involved with visiting toddler tourists in the street. I did not once see any of the cast ignore the look of sheer delight in the eyes of the children when they saw, in real life, their companions from the TV. One day, a little girl from Glasgow came face to face with Edie in the Post Office. Having picked her sweetie from the shelf, she saw Edie standing a metre away. Edie said hello, and instantly the little girl offered her the sweet. Edie and the little girl got into conversation about sweets. Anyway, have a look at the pictures below of close encounters of the Balamory kind.

The day was warm, crystal clear and perfect. So this is Christmas. When they want bright sunshine it rains, when they want snow, then Scotland puts on a Mediterranean display. Everybody around was in party mood, and ‘so here’s to you Balamory, everybody’s having fun’. First scenes in the morning were up at Josie Jump’s house outside our own very yellow hotel, Park Lodge. The main filming, though, took place in the Main Street. The team can be seen on the pier at the end of town giving a very good rendition of their own version of the Slade song, ‘so here’s to you merry Christmas’.

Spencer and P.C. Plum have a go at putting in the clever interludes in the song. Right!

Once warmed up, they decide to have a Ceilidh. A Ceilidh is the Scottish name for a dance and comes from the Gaelic ‘a gossip’.