Isle of Mull Car Rally

Mull Car Rally

Every October, Mull becomes a hive of activity before and during the famous Isle of Mull Car Rally. Rally drivers from all over Britain, as well as local drivers from Mull. The race takes place on Mull’s normal roads in several stages and several different courses. Some of the races are during daylight and some are staged at night. Mull’s populace are pre-warned not to venture out, except as spectators.

From a week in advance, the occasional zooming noise, similar to a very large hornet, roars by as rally drivers put their cars through their paces on Mull’s thankfully un-busy roads. The nights of the rally releases all these ‘hornets’ who roar by at their allotted times lighting the twisting roads with their headlamps and tail lights, thrilling spectators with their daring speeds and lightning fast reflexes, occasionally crunching their under carriage as they fly over humps in the roads.

Over more than a quarter of a century, the Mull Rally has become a tradition on the island and very popular with visitors, the rallying fraternity and islanders. It is a time of great excitement, parties and celebrations, the biggest of which is the end of rally firework display in Tobermory.

Also a highly recommended website is which is a ‘fans-eye-view’ concerning everything to do with the Tour of Mull Rally; The website features articles and content from drivers, spectators and service crew alike.