Mull and Iona say a big ‘Yes’ to Hydro Scheme

The results of the Garmony Hydro vote are now in and the islands have said a very big yes to its going ahead.  The result is even more amazing as the vote had a very large turnout.  Voting apathy was the big danger that the project had, but the fears were unfounded, as the results below show:

1650 people voted YES

53 people voted NO
2 blank papers
96.7% of those who voted are in favour.
70.6% turnout.
68.3% of the electoral roll are in favour.
Thanks to everyone who voted and to all those people who helped to promote the ballot to get such a high turnout rate. 70.6% is a massive compliment to the residents of Mull and Iona and the “yes” vote means we now have to work hard to take the project forward, negotiating a land agreement with FCS, getting planning permission appointing a contractor and securing the loan finance to build the scheme.
Well done Mull and Iona!!