Aros Park Walk

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Distance - 4.5 miles
Time - 2.5 hours
OS Map Explorer 374
Grading - Easy
Terrain - Good path

For the Aros Park walk, park in Tobermory at the Ledaig Car park and take the Forest Enterprise waymarked footpath at the far end of the car park. This goes uphill in front of the Harbour building. The path goes through mixed woodland and there are delightful views across the bay to Calve Island and the cliffs of Morvern on the mainland. After half a mile the path crosses Sput Dubh; here the burn cascades to the shore in a spectacular waterfall which was a watering point for the Royal Navy who were based here back in 1940.

The path soon turns steeply to the right. as the former track was blocked by a landslide some years since. Look out for the seal colony basking on the skerries in front of Calve Island. The new path runs parallel above the old one until a fork is reached. Take the left-hand path and continue down the hill to join the original path. Keep going straight on and cross the bridge which goes over the burn below the Lower Falls, one of three stunning waterfalls within the park. At the next fork take the left hand path which is sign posted to the pier and continue on the track down to the pier.

As you walk down to the pier look closely on the rocks where the burn flows into the sea. This is a favourite haunt of the elusive otter. This old stone pier was where the fuel and food supplies would have been off-loaded for Aros House and timber from the Estate would be loaded and sent into the town to be distributed to joiners and builders. The pier is now crumbling into the sea on the far side so please do not be tempted to climb the fence. The footpath now continues up past the old sawmill and goes left to follow the shore of the loch.

Go along the lochan trail circling Lochan a Ghurrabain which is full of water lilies and abundant bird life. Heron, Mallard, Goosander and Goldeneye can often be seen on the Loch and there have been some sightings of a Water Rail. Blackcap, Goldcrest, and Treecreepers can be found in the trees surrounding the Loch. Lochan a Ghurrabain is artificial and was created as a power source for the mill but now provides a wonderful location for birdwatchers, walkers and fishermen alike. Tobermory Angling Club leases the Loch which is stocked with rainbow trout.

As you cross the burn you will see a ruined stone building to the left. This was once the Power House that provided the electricity for Aros House. The estate actually had electricity long before it was available in Tobermory. Take the path on the left beside the Power House which goes steeply uphill to provide a wonderful vantage point and seatingarea to view the waterfall which plunges over 100 feet down from the top of the cliff. Continue on the path until a tarmac drive is reached. Turn right and go down to the main car park.

The car park was made from the stone of Aros House when it was demolished and now provides a charming picnic and Barbeque area. Aros House, once owned by the Allan shipping family, was demolished by the army in 1962 as it was unsafe. The doors of the house are now the doors of Tobermory Parish Church on Argyll Terrace. Leave the car park on the path which goes out beside the public toilets and you can either take the shore path to retrace your steps back to Tobermory or make a detour to the Upper Falls and return to Tobermory via the Salen Road.