For the wildlife enthusiast, there are many trips and excursions which begin from the Tobermory area. Whales, dolphins, seals etc are found within a short distance of Tobermory and sometimes in Tobermory Bay itself. Sealife Surveys, and Gemini cruises take expertly conducted sea based wildlife trips out to see these animals. On land, Mull Magic, Discover Mull , and Isle of Mull Wildlife Safaris will collect from Tobermory to take people to see our fantastic wildlife in a minibus. On foot, a Mull Magic walking tour can take you close to the wildlife too.

Below are links to find out more about particular species, that can be found within a short drive or sail of Tobermory.

Moorland and woodland birds



Seabirds and Ducks


Whales & Dolphins

Bird watching

Click here to see the excellent website of the White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Mull

Click here for more details and photographs of Mull’s otters